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May 2021 Updates: Demand has reached record levels. Parts are running out faster than ever, but larger quantities are going to be made to help offset that. Standard Crankfires have been available regularly of late, and I am contacting the waiting list in order of earliest date. Main frame parts are about to run out, but material will be coming in to get more produced. The list is not getting shorter with new inquiries coming in regularly, so please bear with me. Only a few Crankfires can get finished each week, so catching up is going to take time. See our Orders page for details on how to get one for your Browning 1917/1919 series firearm. The Spade Grip Crankfires are slowly coming back into the assembly process. New back plates are in, but my supply of buffer parts dried up and I am working to solve that problem quickly. I'll be getting a few done in the next month, so if you are on that list this is good news. Production will become more consistent in time. Most of the components for the M2HB Crankfire are now finished, a few simple parts to be finished in house, then these will be back in assembly soon. For the latest updates on these, and also on 1919A6 Stock Adapters, check the Orders page. Use Contact page for more details regarding availability. As stated above, I am trying to take care of the folks on my waiting lists before selling to new contacts, but I hope to get largely caught up in February and March. WAITING LISTS: If you have made an inquiry within the last year or so, but I could not fill an order on any Crankfire model, you are probably on my waiting list. A number of list folk have not replied in the last month or so when I've had product to offer, so please follow up again with me. Might be going to your spam folder, for example. I try to fill waiting list orders before I take new sales, but I need to hear back when I contact you in order to do that. Make sure is not being blocked from your inbox.

-Crankfire Systems

Yes, Crankfire Systems is back in business with new ownership, since 2014. We are producing these with all new made components. Other than different personnel actually producing and assembling the Crankfire, all the same quality and design features remain, and styled after the original, early production.

We began with keeping the production in the state of Texas. While our contacts and partners there have helped us get back on the market, necessity has required us to bring all production and assembly up to our main division. (Our parent company, one might say.) We are serving the marketplace from the great Northwest, with all components made in the USA.


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