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Original Manuals and Tutorials

For each one of Crankfire SystemsTM products a manual should have been included with the item. If you have lost your manual, or need more assistance you have come to the right page.

Note: that these manuals apply mainly to models produced by the original inventor, most of which are not currently available. They are provided for the convenience of owners of these systems.

The original Crankfire Manual

Original Crankfire Manual.

Step by Step Pictures of the new 6-lobe Crankfire and the Econo Crank Units.

6-lobe Crankfire and the Econo Crank.

The original Crankfire Installation Tutorial with Step by Step Pictures

Original Crankfire Installation Tutorial

New M2HB Crankfire Installation Instructions

M2HB Installation Instructions

New Spade Grip Installation Instructions

Spade Grip Installation Instructions

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