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Standard Crankfire

Features: a six-lobe cam; disengaging, sprung "dead man" crank handle; new CNC machined components. Mounts on your 1919's pistol-grip back plate. The handle can be swapped from left side to right in seconds.

July 2024 update: The Standard Crankfires list has fewer than ten names currently. More components are being made shortly, so I should get caught up with this model this summer. You can use the contact page to request a Crankfire and I'll follow up with you as I have one ready to tag for you.

If you believe you were on the list for the Standard Crankfire in the recent past, please contact me again. Follow up has to work both ways in order for me to provide product and sometimes I don't get a response. See the Waiting List notes on the Home page for more detail.

Spade Grip Crankfire

With all the same features of the Standard model listed above, a full Spade Grip is incorporated into the Crankfire frame. These had not been made for several years, but we reintroduced this to the line at the SAR Show in 2016. Grips are walnut and the spacing is standard, M2HB specs.

July 2024 Update: The waiting list for these is fairly short, about a dozen names remaining. I've just begun to get these out again, so those on the list for the Spade Grip Crankfires should get taken care of this summer.

If you have inquired on this model in the last year or so, check in with me again to confirm you still want in. See the Waiting List notes on the Home Page

M2HB Crankfire

M2HB Crankfires are on track for production throuout this year. I've reached out to all on the waiting list and have confirmation from most. I started out with 30+ confirmed orders, of which about 24 have been filled, including those which are shipping out this second week of July. If you believe you are on the list and did not see my request for confirmation, now is the time to let me know. I can still add a few more in, but you will want to request one soon.

A6 Stock Adapter

I have been making a few of these, on manual machinery. Too time consuming, can't charge enough to make it worthwhile. Next step is to have my CNC vendor turn out a bunch. Price will probably end up around $50-$60. I'll update this when I can. They are not in much demand, so bear with me until I can prioritize these again.


Standard Crankfire

$575 plus $20 for Priority Mail shipping, fully insured. Total is $595.00

Spade Grip Crankfire

$795 plus $20-$25 for Priority Mail shipping, pending zip code. Total is $815.00 to $820.00

For more than one unit, contact us for best shipping price.

M2HB Crankfire

$595 plus $20 for Priority Mail shipping, fully insured. Total is $615.00

Sales policy:

Everything is sold with a three day inspection provision. If you are not happy with any item for any reason, please contact me for a return. I will ask for a reason, in order to address any concerns, but will refund the purchase price so long as the Crankfire is returned in serviceable condition. The freight charges are not refundable.

All products come with a limited warranty. If any part fails in normal use, Crankfire Systems will repair or replace it at no cost to the buyer, other than shipping. If anyone has enough money to pay for the guns and ammunition required to wear a unit out, Crankfire Systems will rebuild or replace the unit.

Ordering Format:

Credit Card orders are available by phone, at our main division, Rogue Island Arsenal: (541) 515-5413

For Mail Orders, please contact me ahead of sending check or money order so I can address availability. Once confirmed, make payable to Crankfire Systems at the address below:

Crankfire Systems

P.O. Box 1363

Sutherlin, OR. 97479

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