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Demo of our High Speed Cyclic Rate Conversion Kit. This will (finally!) be available later in 2022. It will consist of components for your 1919, increasing its Rate of Fire capability. Current customers know that the 1919A4's relatively slow cyclic rate is the limiting factor. With the High Speed kit, the Crankfire remains the same, and this conversion for the gun will allow owners to realize the full potential of the Crankfire. In the video below, peak rounds per minute is about 570. Yes, 570 rounds per minute, semi auto. Just try to over-crank your 1919A4 now!

One feature on the original, all-milled Crankfire was a disengagement mechanism built into the crank handle. This "dead man" feature kept the handle from turning the crank cam until the shooter is deliberately intending to fire the gun. A drawback to the original design is that it required disassembly of the Crankfire in order to switch sides for left and right handed shooters. When demand for a less expensive Crankfire was answered, this disconnect feature was eliminated, while a simpler way of reversing the crank handle was added. Below is a Demo of our prototype, new Crankfire Handle system that will be in production later this year. It provides the "dead man" disengagement mechanism with the simple reversibility of the CR Crankfire handle. We believe this will be a valuable enhancement, and it can be retrofitted to any CR Crankfire purchased from our new company, as well as from the original shop, produced by the inventor.

For other videos of the Crankfire Systems product, feel free to search youtube. There are other cranks out there, but look for the genuine Crankfire Systems products and you will find plenty of happy customers with videos posted. We will add more of our own as we have time to hit the range. Stay tuned!

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